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This group was founded in January 2017 when a single mum decided to take initiative and find other single parents in a similar situation to share activities and experiences. Since then the group is growing and growing and we have enjoyed many great moments together.

Since March 2018 we are part of the network Red Estatal de Entidades de Familias Monoparentales (REEFM) who are engaged in creating a law for single parent families. We think it’s important nowadays that reality is reflected in the federal law, single parent families are part of today’s reality.

We are a group of mums and dads of all sorts: divorced, separated, widows, out of choice, out of circumstances… and from different backgrounds and nationalities. What unites us is that we are raising our kids alone part-time or fulltime. Some of us even have their family abroad.

We organise all sorts of activities, our objective is to create a network for all sorts of single parent families. We don’t exclude anyone.

If you are in a similar situation and would like to share time and activities with other single parents and their kids don’t hesitate to contact us at