This year the rain just doesn’t want to go away. Nevertheless we are planning new activities in June. Check them out:

IMG_4372 21st of June: Playdate at el Arenero, calle Caoba 3. As always bring a snack to share with everyone. There are lots of toys available for the kids, so the parents can have a nice chat while the kids are playing. Sign up here.



El Retiro3rd of June: Picnic at Retiro, organised by CalOolu founder Paloma. Get more information by downloading the app here.


strawberry9th of June: Strawberry picking at Monjarama. We will spend the day in Monjarama and pick lots of strawberries with our kids. Sign up here.



colonias historicas17th of June: Social Meeting at Colonias Historicas. A nice get together to have a chat with other parents and their kids. Sign up here.



tirolinas23rd of June: Fun day in San Pablo de los Montes, Toledo organised by CalOolu founder Paloma. Get more information here.



You can find all our activities by clicking on following link.


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