We have two things to announce, on one hand the Playdates at El Arenero and on the other hand the Group Therapy Sessions.

Playdates at El Arenero
We are proud to announce that we finally found a space to meet regularly once a week. It’s specially prepared for kids to play. There is also a small kitchen with microwave where we can prepare coffee/tea and warm up food for the kids.


When: Fridays 18.00 to 19.00, starting on the 6th of April
Where: Calle Caoba 3, near Metro Acacias/Embajadores (line 5 and 3)
Activity: to be decided by the group
Costs: 5 Euros, sign up through this link


Group Therapy
Being a single parent is not always easy that’s why we are offering group therapy sessions where you can discuss your sorrows with other single parents.

All As One

When: Twice a month
Where: Vinculo Social, Plaza Santa Barbara 9, 1izq
Comments: this is a closed group, if you are interested please send a mail to singleparents@gmail.com



Looking forward to meet you!



3 thoughts on “Activities April 2018

  1. The start time for the El Arenero playdate on April 6th seems contradictory – the last notice is 6-7pm but the one prior lists 4-5pm.
    Could someone clarify which of the 2 times is correct? Thanks!


    1. I just found out that the time zone of the webpage was set up incorrectly that’s why the time wasn’t showing correctly. Now it’s fixed! Thanks for the remark.


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