My kid is 14 months old and I started thinking about how to integrate all these languages. I need to say, I love foreign languages, the more the better!

I personally grew up in a bilingual environment and I am very very thankful for that. It’s not only an advantage in terms of language skills, but also very enriching on a cultural level. It opens your mind but it also makes you being more tolerant with other cultures.

As I experienced growing up bilingual enriching I want my son to have the same experience. But what’s the best way to do so?

I have read different articles and heard many comments on OPOL (one person one language). I had a kind of blurry idea of this theory so I searched for more scientific material and it surprised me in a good way because I always thought it was indoctrinating that a parent can’t speak two different languages to his kid, BUT OPOL is actually focusing on giving the minority language more space. And this definitely makes sense. The more the kid hears a language the better he is going to speak it.

In my case it’s different, we are a single parent family therefore I don’t really have a lot of options. I will have to speak two or more languages to my kid if I want him to learn more then one language.

Wait, that’s not quite true; he is learning Spanish at daycare. That’s anyway going to be his primary language as he is exposed to it all day. And I will speak Swiss German to him as he can’t learn this language from anyone else. English will probably come naturally at school later on.

How do you handle bilingualism with your kid?

Please share your experience by adding a comment below.

<Read this blog in Spanish>



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