There are many wonderful places to discover in Madrid and this place is one of them. You will be surprised how close this little paradise is. Easy to reach by bike and no crowds at all like Madrid Rio (which I adore, but it can get really full at times). So lets discover this wonderful place together!

We will meet at Plaza Legazpi, rent bikes at in case you don’t have one and then head river upwards. The little untouched paradise I am talking about is called Parque Lineal del Manzanares, just about 3km away from Plaza Legazpi.

Actually there are plenty of things to do there, besides having a wonderful picnic. The park is huge and can be discovered by bike if you are not yet exhausted from getting there. But there are also playgrounds for those of you who prefer a more relaxed program. However, last time I visited the park I even saw a fisher! Yes, he was fishing in the river Manzanares, unbelievable, isn’t it?

Important info:
– This is an activity for all ages: 1-99
– Bikes can be rented at 15Euros/day, they also rent baby seats (I’m getting one)
– Don’t forget sunscreen and something to drink and eat for the picnic.
Sign up by sending a mail to, through facebook, meetup or by filling in the contact form.




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